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Improve your mental health one step at a time.

What you can expect from That Darn Amygdala:

Improved Knowledge on Mental Health

Mental health can be confusing. Understanding what anxiety and depression are can help relieve some of that confusion. This blog outlines the science behind anxiety and depression to reduce some of that confusion.

Science-based Information on how the Brain Works

Some of the stigma related to mental health comes from not understanding how mental health works in the brain. Continue reading to help you know your brain’s role in your mental health.

Putting your Brain and Coping Skills to Work

Healthy coping skills are part of everyday life. They help us function and change how our brain operates. Using the knowledge of the brain and applying that information to coping skills can improve your mental health.

Featured Posts:

Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills

By Carissa Weber, MA, LPC, CSAC This post was originally written and published on Thrive Global on August 12, 2021. You can find it directly at : Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills ( We are now rounding the corner on the DBT pillars! In my previous posts, like DBT and Distress Tolerance Skills and Emotional Regulation: TheContinue reading “Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills”

Why Does the Rain Make Us SAD?

By Carissa Weber, MA, LPC, CSAC Ahhh, weather. The love-hate relationship we have with a natural occurrence completely outside of our control. Have you ever noticed how your mood can change just based on what you are seeing happen outside of the window? From sunny days at the beach, to over 5 inches of rainContinue reading “Why Does the Rain Make Us SAD?”

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Focus Pocus: Your Brain’s Magic Act

By Carissa Weber, MA, LPC, CSAC With all of the distractions in today’s world, every client I have encountered has asked me “how do I focus?” Did you know that our attention span peaks in our 20s (Harvard, 2020)? No? I have to admit, prior to completing the research needed to write this post, IContinue reading “Focus Pocus: Your Brain’s Magic Act”

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“Carissa makes sure to speak in a way that everyone is able to understand and if you don’t she is willing to go over it again in a different way. As a person who continues to work through depression and anxiety, Carissa’s articles and posts have opened my eyes to coping and learning instead of putting myself down for struggling.”

– Olivia L, That Darn Amygdala Reader

“The funny thing about mental health is that there’s no cure all. It takes a daily dose of effort and a gentle yet effective guiding hand. ‘That Darn Amygdala’ can help you with a daily dose of not so common sense. Although after a few lessons you’ll wonder why it’s not. Take a step back and look into the tips and tricks to make your mind work for you!”

– Brain F, That Darn Amygdala Reader

Self-Care is how you take the Power Back.

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DISCLAIMER: Although I am a mental health therapist by profession, I am not YOUR therapist. This blog is intended to provide education and information only and does not constitute legal or professional therapy or consultation. I am not liable or responsible for any damages resulting in the use of this information.  If you are actively struggling with suicidal thoughts or a mental health crisis, Contact the nearest crisis center or connect with the national suicide prevention lifeline at 800-273-8255.

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