Know How your Brain Reacts to Depression and Anxiety

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Healing Emotional Pain and Inflammation

By Carissa Weber, MA, LPC, CSAC Many people have experienced some sort of physical pain. Whether it be a dull achy pain that often accompanies arthritis, or a sharp and stabbing pain that comes from an immediate injury, you know you are experiencing something you would prefer not to. But when it comes to emotional […]

Changing Summertime SAD

By Carissa Weber, MA, LPC, CSAC Summertime can bring more than sunshine 5% of adults report symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) during the summer months ( Gökbayrak, 2022).  SAD includes:– loss of motivation to complete tasks– losing interest in social gatherings and activities– changes in appetite– feeling exhausted for no reason In this post, […]

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“Carissa makes sure to speak in a way that everyone is able to understand and if you don’t she is willing to go over it again in a different way. As a person who continues to work through depression and anxiety, Carissa’s articles and posts have opened my eyes to coping and learning instead of putting myself down for struggling.”

– Olivia L, That Darn Amygdala Reader

“The funny thing about mental health is that there’s no cure all. It takes a daily dose of effort and a gentle yet effective guiding hand. ‘That Darn Amygdala’ can help you with a daily dose of not so common sense. Although after a few lessons you’ll wonder why it’s not. Take a step back and look into the tips and tricks to make your mind work for you!”

– Brain F, That Darn Amygdala Reader

Self-Care is how you take the Power Back.

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DISCLAIMER: Although I am a mental health therapist by profession, I am not YOUR therapist. This blog is intended to provide education and information only and does not constitute legal or professional therapy or consultation. I am not liable or responsible for any damages resulting in the use of this information.  If you are actively struggling with suicidal thoughts or a mental health crisis, Contact the nearest crisis center or connect with the national suicide prevention lifeline at 800-273-8255.

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