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Mental health can be scary. Let science help take some of the fear out

Grow your understanding of how the brain works to help eliminate the question “what is wrong upstairs?” and change it to “I know exactly what is going on in there!”

Stress and the Brain: Happy Stress Awareness Month!

By Carissa Weber It is no secret everyone has experienced stress in their life. Even if we look at this past year, everyone has been touched with this pandemic we call Covid-19, employment or school concerns, frustration from technology not working when we need it, or not finding toilet paper when you needed it the…

Emotional and Physical Pain: They Aren’t so Different

By Carissa Weber, MA, LPC, CSAC Many people have experienced some sort of physical pain. Whether it be a dull, achy pain that often accompanies arthritis, or a sharp and stabbing pain that comes from an immediate injury, you know you are experiencing something you would prefer not to. When it comes to physical pain…

Staying Mentally Healthy as a Parent

By Carissa Weber, MA, LPC, CSAC, IDP-AT So many people are scared to talk about mental health. Why is that? We all have mental health, right? I want to take time today to share with you what mental health really is and how to ensure you will stay mentally healthy during this upcoming year. The…

Why is Change so Hard?

Change is the only constant thing in our lives. Yet, change is something people have come to resent, fear, and avoid change in all possible ways. Have you ever noticed if something changes in your plans or schedule throw you off? You are among the million of people in the world who experience the same…


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