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Mental health can be scary. Let science help take some of the fear out

Grow your understanding of how the brain works to help eliminate the question “what is wrong upstairs?” and change it to “I know exactly what is going on in there!”

Internal and External Validation: How to Improve Validating Your Experiences

By Carissa Weber, MA, LPC, CSAC This post was originally released on October 20, 2021. It has been updated to show the most up-to-date science research. Enjoy! As humans, we strive for validation. Why? Because it allows us to feel like we belong. But, did you know there are two types of validation? No?! Well, […]

Healing Emotional Pain and Inflammation

By Carissa Weber, MA, LPC, CSAC Many people have experienced some sort of physical pain. Whether it be a dull achy pain that often accompanies arthritis, or a sharp and stabbing pain that comes from an immediate injury, you know you are experiencing something you would prefer not to. But when it comes to emotional […]

Changing Summertime SAD

By Carissa Weber, MA, LPC, CSAC Summertime can bring more than sunshine 5% of adults report symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) during the summer months ( Gökbayrak, 2022).  SAD includes:– loss of motivation to complete tasks– losing interest in social gatherings and activities– changes in appetite– feeling exhausted for no reason In this post, […]

The brain and mental health: a basic breakdown (literally and figuratively)

By Carissa Weber, MA, LPC, CSAC This (first) post from That Darn Amygdala was published on March 27, 2021. To help provide you with the most up-to-date information, this post has been updated. Enjoy! The statistic still shocks me: “1 out of 4 adults struggle with at least one mental health disorder at any given […]


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