Need a Roadmap to Gain Confidence in your Mental Health?

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Through the years of my practice as a mental health professional, I have heard so many stories that have kept people from accessing mental health:

  • insurance companies denying people from continuing this very important care
  • Unable to access mental health due to the cost of individual sessions
  • Not being able to afford insurance to cover the cost of mental health treatment
  • Being placed on a three month or longer waitlist to see a mental health professional when you need the help now

Does this sound like you? If it does, what if you could find:

  • Cost-effective assistance in gaining control of your mental health?
  • Have greater control of your reactions when tough emotions arise?
  • Gain an understanding of why you are feeling the way you are?
  • Build the courage and confidence in changing your mental health?
  • Confidence in handling stressful situations you encounter on a daily basis?
  • The ability to be more present in your life?
  • Practice skills that help improve your mental health without needing to take time from work?

All while having the needed resources and science at your finger tips?

Welcome to the Worksheet Bundle!

This worksheet bundle is scientifically-based and designed to help you improve your confidence in applying healthy coping skills in the face of stress.

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In this worksheet bundle, you will receive:

  • 7 printable worksheets that explain your brain’s involvement in mental health
  • 14 guided journaling worksheets to help you implement new coping skills and rewire your brain
  • 35 worksheets the lay out how to utilize each new coping skill so you do not have to remember step-by-step
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“Carissa makes sure to speak in a way that everyone is able to understand and if you don’t she is willing to go over it again in a different way. As a person who continues to work through depression and anxiety, Carissa’s articles and posts have opened my eyes to coping and learning instead of putting myself down for struggling.”

– Olivia A

” Your site made me cry happy tears that I can finally understand the brain and feel confident!”

– Kellie H

“The world seems so chaotic, at times overwhelming. Reading this blog helps center me, balance me, bring me back to a calmer mental state. I am a science and fact based thinker, so having the brain chemistry explained to me is intriguing, and therapeutic. It helps me make better choices – for example, cutting back on my online presence, taking smaller but more sustainable steps in building a healthier lifestyle. Such a hidden gem !”

– Karen S

By working and using these worksheets on a daily basis, you have the ability to:

  • Gain control over your mental health
  • Have a physical reminder of why our brain is reacting the way it is
  • Reduce your symptoms of anxiety and/or depression
  • Feel confident on how you react in stressful situations
  • Identify patterns in your mental health you can control and change
  • Create a set of tools that empower you to handle strong emotions
credit to Carissa Weber at

This is just an example of the many worksheets that are designed specifically to help you improve your mental health

(Click on it to get the worksheet bundle)

Hello! I’m Carissa and I am a license professional counselor located in Wisconsin, USA. I’ve created this worksheet bundle as a way to make mental health accessible and affordable to those who want to take control and change their mental health.

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DISCLAIMER: Although I am a mental health therapist by profession, I am not YOUR therapist. This worksheet bundle is intended to provide education and information only and does not constitute legal or professional therapy or consultation. I am not liable or responsible for any damages resulting in the use of this information.  If you are actively struggling with suicidal thoughts or a mental health crisis, Contact the nearest crisis center or connect with the national suicide prevention lifeline at 800-273-8255.

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