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Mental health is a journey. Take time to start your journey here.

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Journaling with a Purpose!

Journaling With A Purpose is a program designed to help you implement the coping skill of journaling into your life, while offering you the accountability and support you need to make this important coping skill work for you.

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Worksheet Bundle

Looking for extra help? Want to have a reminder of important topics in the blog posts? The majority of my posts have some amazing content to compliment what is being said. I have created these tools based on research and science-based facts to help you create that positive shift you want to see in your mental health.

This worksheet bundle will give you:

  • Access to the tools, worksheets, and handouts made for your mental health journey
  • Evidence-based skills explained in a way that makes them usable
  • Accountability to use these healthy coping skills on a regular basis to help rewire your brain

Using these worksheets will help you on your journey to mental wealth!

Etsy Store

You can now find That Darn Amygdala on Etsy. You can find a multitude of products to help you reduce your stress and help end the stigma of mental health.

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