Plants and Mental Health: Why They Pair Together

By Carissa Weber, MA, LPC, CSAC This post originally published on June 9th, 2021 here at That Darn Amygdala. Since it has been a favorite post here, it has been updated with the most up-to-date research. Enjoy! I absolutely love plants! They are all over my house, my office, my yard, and even in myContinue reading “Plants and Mental Health: Why They Pair Together”

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Part Deux

By Carissa Weber Welcome back to part two of CBT! Cognitive behavioral therapy is such an important way to heal our brain that it warranted two posts. Seriously, even with two posts we may not even be able to go over all the CBT skills and how they work (but I will try). Let’s takeContinue reading “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Part Deux”

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Why it Works

By Carissa Weber On to more of the healthy and healing skills (finally)! These are the posts I bet the majority of you have been waiting for. Now that you have a basic knowledge of how the brain works, what neurotransmitters are responsible for what, and the general idea that practice produces change, we canContinue reading “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Why it Works”